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Wednesday, August 5th, 2009
The quality of these videos is subpar, and there are no subs, but you don't really need them. By watching and following along, you too can dance like a Sailor senshi. I have Romance memorized and I am working on Here We Go! okay :( Also, I find them hilarious and want to keep a close link. HA.

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Also, app those three. :|b

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Saturday, June 27th, 2009
11:38 pm - ~ attacks and crap
Okay, as most people already know, Aino Minako is actually SAILOR VENUS. Startling revelation or not, it's a big difference.

It's not something most people figure out, either. Rei only knows because Minako transformed in front of her; Mamoru "figured it out" when he was stalking Sailor V.

* Usagi is helping Naru and friends defend Naru's mama's store from jewel thieves!
* SailorV is watching Usagi!
* TuxedoKamen is watching Sailor V watch Usagi!
<Usagi> Aaaahhhh!! MINAKO!
<SailorV> ;fldktrhjk how did she figure out my secret identity!?
* SailorV runs off like a girl.
* Usagi runs off to buy Minako's new CD.
<TuxedoKamen> ............................... well okay then.

Remember, only cool kids can team up with the Sailor Senshi.

AS SUCH, I would prefer people not recognize Minako as being Sailor Venus, at least visually. It's magic. You can't figure it out.

There are exceptions, sure. If when Ami or Usagi was around in camp she mentioned Minako-chan to you, you can know. Or if your character has read Sailor Moon! Or they are a crazy telepathic/ninja/fourth wall breaker.

But it is more fun to surprise people |Db Amirite.

Venus' Attacks

Venus Crescent Beam:
This is pretty much a laser of pure energy. It takes out one of the Shitennou in ONE HIT 8D LASERS 8D

Venus Love-Me Chain: She pulls off her chain/belt and uses it to whip people. Generally this causes the enemy to explode. She can also use this belt to block and deflect swords.

Rolling Heart Vibration: Okay this one is... She forms her hands like a heart and circles them around her chest. Then the energy beam SHOOTS OUT and explodes the opponent. It's a heart-shaped laser, basically. Laaaserrrrs 8D

????: Venus can also use her Tambo(urine) to attack, but she never gives it a name. Orange, star-shaped laser. Usually combined with the other Senshi to help Sailor Moon.

There are also a pair of COMBO ATTACKS but those can only be used through Sailor Moon, so they will remain unlisted until someone apps Usagi. Hint hint.

(kiss bang)

11:36 pm - ~ stats and permissions
Name: Aino Minako
Age: 14
Height: 159 cm (5'3")
Weight: Somewhere in the "needs a sandwich" category.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Shouder length, straight and black // Waist-length, wavy and blonde

Medical Info: BRAIN CANCER BRAIN CANCER BRAIN CANCER BRAIN CANCER. It's not something she's open about, but it's raging pretty hard (it did in fact kill her). She's very prone to headaches and collapsing lolol. She's being taken from after her death, but I will totally play up the occasional brain ache.

Physical traits: ... teenage JPop idol! She's a pretty, normal looking girl? Sometimes she is a blonde super heroine though. Just not always.

What's Okay To Mention Around Her: Oh, just about everything. I'm taking her from the end of 47, so she knows she's dead and that the brain cancer killed her before the operation could. If you want to spoil her for the end of the series, she prooobably won't believe it. TELL HER ABOUT THE ANIME man she might enjoy that.

Abilities: She has a little silver bracelet on her left wrist; It's a bunch of roses on a chain. When she does her super special henshin pose and yells out "Venus Power! Make-Up!" she has a magical girl transformation and becomes Sailor Venus. Find more about Venus here.

As Minako, she is a singer! A GREAT SINGER. Her songs move everyone who hears them.

Notes for the Psychics: SOUL OF A PLANET? Prooobably thinking about THE PAST LIFE, her mission, the Princess~, Mars Reiko, serious business stuff. Brain cancer. She's big on planning things and being serious.

Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: Yes! She hates losing and is very competitive though. Be warned. Go for it.

Hugging/Kissing/Other non-violent physical contact: You know what, go for it. We will see how it goes.

Maim/Murder/Death: ... if it's in a fight, sure. Why not. She's a good fighter, though.

Cooking: Maybe?

(kiss bang)

12:00 am - ~ app post
Character Name: Minako Aino
Age: 14
Series: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (live-action)
Canon: Fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight, never running from a real fight, she is the overly CGI live-action version of Sailor Moon! Determined to overcome the fate of the "past life," a time long ago when the Earth was vaporized by an unknown power, the Sailor Senshi have awakened in the modern day. Five middle-school girls transform into magical fighters to fight the evil forces of the Dark Kingdom. The leader of the group and first to fully recall the doomed past life, Minako Aino-- Senshi of love and beauty, Sailor Venus!-- is easily the least like her anime/manga counterpart.

When not saving everyone and their mother from the monster of the week, Minako lives life as a Japanese pop idol. She is known the world over but still manages to find time to sing for sick children at the hospital while simultaneously getting updates on her own brain cancer status. She is determined, focused and entirely willing to die to achieve her goals as Venus, which when combined with a hatred for losing equates one Super Serious Senshi. Minako is rarely seen smiling and uses her illness as an excuse not to get close to anyone; the fewer people who know her well, the fewer people will be saddened by her death.

In true idol fashion, Minako's songs carry the cast and story with their lyrics.

App post:

I know Manager said he'd be late, but it's been hours. Now we've got a late start on our hands. Where is he? The only thing I can be sure of right now is that he didn't wind up on the planet Mars. Yes, I already know he's a man, but that doesn't mean he went to his "home planet". I suppose you think I'm from Venus too right? I knew it. You don't have to say anything else. Let's just give this new song a try before the concert tonight. OK, here we go-- Music start!

♪ Come to camp (Like a star)
Make some friends (Like a star)
Accused of murder (Like a star)
The glove don't fit (Like a star)
Deny everything (Like a star) ♪

--I'm sorry, can we stop? I need to rest just for a moment. Can someone please look for Manager again? I want to go over these lyrics with him. There's something off about this whole thing . . . Now of course I don't mind coming all this way to do a benefit concert for little kids, but only for one? We have much more important things to do, even if this is a charity event. We don't have a lot of time to get ready, you know.

OK everyone, pay close attention! We only have one chance to get this right and that means everything has to go off without a hitch. There's no way we're ready to go on right now. For starters-- You in the purple suit! That won't do at all. I thought I made myself clear an hour ago. Not only is the theme not the jungle, but you've got to lose that sandwich board. "If you got the money we got your disease" is completely inappropriate. This is a concert for sick children, not a wildlife free for all. What don't you understand about its importance? Listen closely if you can. This is very serious business, so-- stop laughing! What's with this attitude?

Has anyone even prepared the lighting for the finale yet? I want to get the person in the letter onstage with me. Manager already agreed with me, so it will be fine as long as we know which seat she's in. Once we have that . . . Hey! Look alive, people! This is no way to treat our one chance. Honestly . . . Guess I just can't work with volunteers like this. They're going to pieces on me. Oh! They're here for the concert too, I guess? It is a Charity Fundraiser for Unusual Diseases.

OK everyone, let's call this a wrap and get some of you wrapped up. We can work the mummified look in somehow. It's got to make more sense than the jungle look in Louisiana. Thank you all for trying so hard today. Let's be sure to reach out and touch everyone in the audience-- especially lonely little Marcy. Everyone, let's take it from the top and remember! I want this to go just as planned.


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